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Cool spin by Albéa: A spinning, cooling eye contouring applicator

  • Albéa

Albéa launches Cool Spin, an exclusive eye contouring applicator for a cool & relaxing sensation, never seen on the market before!

For a few years now, cosmetic brands have been developing premium skincare ranges bringing the relaxing spa experience home. Albéa follows this trend and goes beyond to offer to the market, an innovative spinning, cooling eye contouring applicator with a ceramic tip.

This innovative applicator has been developed through the Albéa Tips Studio and brings together all the Albéa group's applicator know-how in fibre and plastic mascara brushes, gloss applicators, eyeliner and other beauty tips. Here we can invent, develop and produce applicator solutions that enhance makeup application techniques and multiply their effects.

With Cool Spin, the ceramic tip stays cool while you use the product for refreshing feeling, relaxing sensation and greater formula efficiency. The applicator rolls on the skin for a delicate comfortable massage around the eye. The round-shaped tip is designed to fit the eye contour zone when rolling for a soft and natural gesture.

Cool Spin is suitable for eye contour formulas such as anti-ageing, anti-puffiness and more, allowing viscosities from serum to cream. It is featured in a slim, stylish elegant bottle, where both cap and bottle are customizable.

Cool Spin is filled by Albéa Full Service with perfectly suited formula mixing serum treatment and primer.

Albéa Full service cluster offers unique development in formulations and marketing capabilities, providing the latest global trends and turn-key solutions which can meet your promotional and in line needs that help build  your brand DNA. Our expertise allows us to develop and customize the program while working with your team on your brief.

Working with our network of leading formulators, we offer our customers innovative formulas meeting global compliancy. The Albéa manufacturing standards remain through the entire supply chain, with our global quality teams following throughout the production.  Our experience in supply chain management allows us to manage complex international sourcing, development, distribution, design and warehousing.

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  • Modified 14 Apr 2016
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