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CPL puts a ring on it

  • CPL Packaging

They say that if you like it, you should put a ring on it so that's exactly what the creative packaging design team at CPL Packaging Industry Co have done to the Chinese company's latest line of jars and bottles.

CPL's ring range is comprised of acrylic jars and bottles in small capacities, and is ideal for adding a touch of glamour to an overnight bag or preparing a gift pack for special occasions.

Within the collection there are 2 jars available which can hold 30g and 50g of product respectively while the bottles are available in 3 different volumes of 15ml, 30ml and 50ml.

The acrylic bottles and jars in CPL's ring range can easily be coloured to fit branding guidelines and the knurled silver ring at the shoulder can both complement and contrast the colour.

CPL is a champion that specializes in the cosmetic and personal care sectors. Understanding that packaging is about both utility and aesthetics the company has helped many major brands create complete product lines. With that philosophy at the heart of the company, CPL regularly produces aesthetically pleasing new product lines as well as classic ranges which the company's experienced technicians decorate and transform with flair.


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