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The next generation airless compact: Dynamic innovation from Nest Filler Packaging


Nest Filler Packaging's latest addition and enhancement to the packaging market is the "next generation airless compact". Easy to refill and cost efficient, while maintaining the make-up formula in the best condition for a longer period of time, Nest Filler's next generation airless compact is an all-round winner.

Next generation airless compact specifications:

  • Easy to refill container. Our improved airless cosmetic compact is more innovative as you don't need to change the whole plate pump - just take the one refill part out!
  • Airless container. Our new airless compact for higher viscosity and high-coverage foundation formulas keeps the formula moisturized and fresh for longer, therefore maintaining it in the best condition.
  • Easy filling. Filling a liquid foundation into the donut style container of the next generation airless compact is as simple as filling an airless pump bottle.
  • Less residue. Enjoy the benefits of an airless system whereby a piston will bring out practically all of the product from the container.
  • Hygienic. It is specially designed so that the product never comes into contact with the consumer until the moment that it is dispensed.
  • Efficient. The next generation airless compact offers the ultimate cost efficiency as well as being highly efficient at dispensing.
  • Capacity: 20g
  • Dosage: Button 0.12cc / Plate 0.08cc

Nest-Filler Packaging is a dynamic product packaging manufacturer and distributor, dedicated to meeting the global needs of the cosmetic, skincare and personal health care industries.

As an industry leader, the Korean company has yet to stop evolving, having gained prominence not only in the US, but also across Europe as well as in Asia and Australia.

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  • Modified 14 Apr 2016
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