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Libo's new Dongguan facility sees many upgrades

  • Libo Cosmetics

Libo Cosmetics Co. Ltd has recently relocated to a new facility in Dongguan which benefits from space that is 3 times larger that of its former premises with a plant size of 40,000 sqm. The move has been necessary in order to streamline the production flow and increase the production capacity.

As a professional designer and manufacturer of packaging for the cosmetic, beauty and personal care markets, Libo Cosmetics has always worked to offer high quality products at competitive prices with a first-class service. The new facility will enable the company to increase its production through its investment which will result in even more competitive prices and timely product offerings for customers.

Libo has added 15 new Toshiba injection machines, made in Japan, and added assembly to 16 lines. The company has also added a vacuum chamber and extended the length of the spray line to enhance the capacity of the secondary process. The new facility allows for more space for machinery and storage, which enables Libo more flexibility in its automated lines.

As well as housing brand new Toshiba machinery, Libo's new Dongguang site has facilitated individual loading ports and the extra room has provided the means for in-house tooling.

Libo's administrative and sales teams are also benefiting from the move to the new facility. The sales teams in the United States, China and Taiwan have now been strategically aligned and communication practices within the company have been improved.

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  • Modified 28 Aug 2015
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