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Cosmetics vs cosmeceuticals...what's the difference?

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The desire to improve our general health and wellness shows no signs of stopping. Employing the latest exercise trends like interval training to get the perfect body, and eating not only the right foods but those with additional health benefits such as nutraceuticals and super foods, is deemed fashionable as well as sensible. The focus is on maximising the body’s full potential, and now, many are opting for cosmeceuticals over traditional cosmetics for this reason.

What is the difference?

Cosmetics only affect the top layer of the skin’s epidermis, and are typically used to improve or enhance appearances. Examples of cosmetics are make-up, shampoo and face creams. However, cosmeceuticals also include a range of medical and pharmaceutical benefits, their biologically active ingredients penetrating deeper layers of the epidermis to achieve the desired results. For instance, lipsticks containing antioxidants, and some anti-ageing creams, are considered to be cosmeceuticals. Many prefer to have a skin cream that not only moisturises, but reduces wrinkles or helps to combat acne at the same time.

The importance of clear labelling and packaging

As the cosmeceutical market expands, it is more important than ever for such products to be correctly labelled and packaged so that consumers know exactly what they are getting, and so they can be confident they are purchasing a genuine cosmeceutical. FMP manufacture and package cosmeceuticals, and our services also include sachet packaging, healthcare contract manufacture and cleanroom environment packing solutions. As leaders in our field, we know exactly what cosmeceutical packaging should contain.

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