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Food & Drink Trends & Innovations Conference London 2016

Boost Food & Drink Profits With Hard-Hitting Communication Strategies Online & In-Store With Lasting Innovations & Win-Win Retailer Relationships

  • Translate Food & Drink Trends Into Profit & Innovation: What do consumers want? Future-proof the latest with consumer insights for lasting innovations and cut-through marketing
  • On-Trend, Commercially-Successful, Food & Drink NPD: Keep the brand fresh with profitable food and drink NPD based on real-world, long-term trends, not just today’s fad
  • Win-Win Retailer Relationships: Maximise shelf space and stand-out in-store by working with retailers in the changing multi-channel retail environment
  • Designing & Marketing Healthy, Nutritious Products: Harness today’s trends and technologies for healthy products which don’t compromise on flavour and boost sales
  • Next-Level, Impactful Digital Presence: Utilise the latest online innovations to improve visibility and impact with a creative, hard-hitting digital presence
  • Delivering Winning Food & Drink Products, Globally: Capitalise on the flavours and influences exciting international markets
  • Integrated, Engaging Multi-Channel Food & Drink Campaigns: Create consistently powerful and exciting food and drink campaigns across the marketing mix
  • Powerful, Results-Focused Social Media: Harness the power of social media and justify the investment for effective, results-led social media marketing for food and drink
  • TV Is Dead, Long Live TV! Get heard above all the noise and grab user attention with appealing, sales-boosting TV campaigns

PLUS! This Food & Drink Trends & Innovations Conference Features:

  • 27 Iconic Food & Drink Brands & Retailers Speaking From The Frontline
  • 1 Compact Day
  • 11 Detailed Sessions Focused On Harnessing The Latest Consumer, Online & Retailing Insights To Monetise Food & Drink Trends With Cutting-Edge Innovation & Marketing
  • 2 Double & Triple Perspectives On ‘NPD‘, ‘Health Trends‘, ‘Digital Visibility & Impact‘ & ‘Social Media Results‘
  • 2 Panel Discussions On ‘Trends & Innovations’ & ‘Retailer Experiences’
  • 3 Lunchtime Peer-To-Peer Category Experience Exchanges: A) Mobile Food & Drink Marketing B) Best-In-Class Category Management C) Millennials: Shaping NPD & Marketing
  • Facilitated Networking
  • Open Retailer Q&A
  • Two Conference Chairpersons
  • 1 Meet The Speakers Area


Telephone: +44 (0)20 3479 2299 Province: London Country: United Kingdom

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