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Top Yield's personal care foot socks prove popular with upscale firms

  • Top Yield

Headquartered in Taiwan, Top Yield is one of the globe's leading suppliers of ancillary textile components for the application of personal care products. The company produces a number of foot socks being used by a number of firms designed to concentrate the application of creams, serums, and gels while still permitting the consumer to get about during the treatment should they need to.

Many superficial foot ailments can easily be treated with spot applications. Some, however, require a bit more coverage. By using disposable sock covers during the treatment process, the product is kept in the area being treated.

An appropriate treatment lasting 90-120 minutes can make feet become more naturally hydrated and within just a few days begin to shed dead cells and take on a more supple and healthy appearance. Reapplication over a short period of time is unnecessary, as the socks keep the treatment in and accelerate the natural renewal process.

Most often, feet are rubbed with a pumice stone or other device to scrape off dead skin, but this creates a vicious cycle where only the top levels of dead skin are removed and new layers of skin are brought to the surface that soon dry out and crack. The process has to be constantly maintained. Treating feet like this also takes a fair amount of time and effort.

Companies appreciate the socks because it gives them a way of giving consumers a spa quality treatment at home, without losing any time or mobility. The socks are also a great way for companies to offer consumers the ability to concentrate and confine a product, simply working better than applying the product directly.

As an ancillary product to be offered with a masstige or luxury personal care item, the socks are one of the best ways available to ensure a successful treatment in the home.

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