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Spotlight on SPC: Accessible luxury

Accessible luxury

A young and forward-thinking company, SPC was founded in 1998 in Dongguan, China. Since then, SPC has proven itself to be oriented toward innovation and growth, and has consistently progressed as a market leader for nearly twenty years.

SPC specializes in manufacturing all sorts of packaging concepts for the cosmetic industry, offering one of the market's finest arrays of cosmetic packaging, including solutions for all sorts of colour cosmetics requiring cases, compacts, bottles, or jars.

With an extensive selection of stock molds, SPC is also able to customize packaging to meet specific requirements and has a complete range of decorating and finishing capabilities. Everything that the company produces comes with reliable service and competitive pricing.

The way that SPC works is one of the keys to its success. According to Josh Chen at SPC:

We all have our jobs to do and we try to support each other to get things done as efficiently as possible. We value each other, we recognize that we're all working toward the same goal and that each individual contribution is necessary to ensure things get done. We firmly believe in fostering a creative and cooperative environment, we are an excellent team.

The process SPC follows is simple yet incredibly effective. First, working in tandem with the client to find the best possible solution for their brand, someone at SPC comes up with an innovative concept: Factors such as timing, budget, logistic challenges, or formulation compatibility are all taken into account.

With the core idea for the packaging item set, the design team swings into action to lay the groundwork for something more tangible. As Josh says, "Every project must be taken out of the realm of the fanciful and made real, bearing in mind details that will affect the packaging in the physical world, such as pressure, temperature, material compatibility, etc." SPC's experts always ensure the packaging will be appropriate to the needs of the product and the environment in which it will be sold. Production follows, then decoration, then delivery.

By fostering an environment where everyone on the team can contribute to the excellence of the project, each piece of packaging produced is the result of energetic, collaborative effort.

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