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Spotlight on Mold-Rite - Beauty 5

The best in personal care containers, closures, and dispensers: Spotlight on Mold-Rite

Within the beauty sector, Mold-Rite offers unparalleled ease of use when it comes to closures and dispensing tops. Many of the group's products are used within the beauty space to provide consumers with a quick and simple way to get to products when they need them. Disc-top caps, continuous thread closures and jars are Mold-Rite’s all-stars within the cosmetic and personal care segments.

Disc-top caps are an indispensable part of the personal care dispensing landscape. Many hair care, skin care, and body care products of all sorts take advantage of the ease of use disc-tops offer. By simply depressing one side or the other of the top of the closure, the product is securely closed or opened and ready for use.

It's a paradigm that most consumers understand intuitively and one that Mold-Rite caters to by offering disc-tops that are always smooth when it comes to use, from the day the product is purchased in the store all the way through to tossing the expended container in the recycle bin.

Jars and continuous thread closures are also a mainstay of the sector, providing attractive containment for products such as skin care products, lip balms, and more. They offer a very high level of containment security, and offer an ample landscape for decorating and customization. Combining their reliability with endless decorating options, Mold-Rite's continuous thread closures and jars are an industry reference. They securely contain products and have an attractive shelf presence, giving the consumer the confidence in the product they require. By ensuring a positive usage experience, Mold-Rite generates a higher possibility of repeat purchases.

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Mold-Rite is ready for beauty and personal care customers

No matter what sort of product a beauty firm has to market, Mold-Rite Plastics has a solution available.

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