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He Shin Plastic's massaging, vibrating cosmetic pen for perfect skincare

  • He Shin Plastic

He Shin Plastic is well known for its acrylic and plastic jars and bottles with great quality in painting, anodizing, and packaging design also on offer.

The company has just released to market an innovative skincare packaging solution of a massaging and vibrating cosmetic pen. This cosmetic pen provides a micro vibration that reduces and diminishes wrinkles and stress lines making it perfect for skincare treatment products.

The entire cosmetic pen is composed of several plastic components. Its PP inner barrel is compatible with delicate skincare formulae and provides a perfect barrier to protect the product from oxidation. Its ABS cover and cap enables customizable branding techniques: metallization, over-spray, and many more packaging decoration options.

This cosmetic pen has two materials available for its massage applicator - one is ceramic, and the other is stainless steel.

He Shin Plastic's massaging, vibrating cosmetic pen is perfect for skin care and consumer-friendly as it is easy to replace the battery when required. Indeed it is a perfect skincare packaging solution that helps the consumer stay looking beautiful!

Massage & Vibration Cosmetic Pen

  • Packaging ref: Pen-10
  • Applicator: Ceramic or Stainless steel
  • Inner barrel material: PP
  • Barrel cover material: ABS
  • Cap material: ABS
  • Innovation
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  • Modified 06 May 2016
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