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Rongsheng's machinery a 'greener' option

  • Rongsheng Packing Printing Group

Specialist box and carton manufacturer for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, Rongsheng Packing Printing Group is enhancing its environmental credentials through its use of a Lithrone G40 offset printing press. The Chinese company is already GMI certified so working in a greener way was a natural next step.

Since the introduction of the Lithrone G40, Rongsheng has reduced energy consumption in addition to resources. Furthermore, the amount of paper waste is also reduced, as are the number of harmful chemical sustances which are released during the printing process.

Production staff at Rongsheng have also noted a difference as the machine emits less noise.

"As a company, we are already GMI certified so the quality of our packaging is guaranteed to our customers. Our print facilities have to meet minimum standards to ensure that we meet the high print standards expected by big name global companies. Many customers now want to work with a company that can show it cares about the environment and that it is actively taking steps to save energy.

The Lithrone G40 is an environmentally responsible printing press so it helps us work greener, whilst we can still work to the same high level which our customers know and expect of us."

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  • Modified 10 Aug 2016
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