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Webpac turbo charges its cloud platform with major network upgrade

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Webpac Digital Media Group has turbo charged its cloud by massively upgrading its hardware, software, and networks for increased response time and quicker downloads.  Webpac’s Intelligent Packaging Platform powers solutions including Sales Team Empowerment, 3D Configurators, Digital Catalogs, and Web Solutions.

The Webpac cloud bandwidth has been increased by 4 times via Verizon’s global network and the core server infrastructure has been upgraded to the latest Dell servers with extremely high specifications for almost instant response times.  Data replication is to Webpac’s own in-house data-center which in turn gets backed up to a third party cloud ensuring three separate locations of data.  

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  • Sales Empowerment
  • 3D Configurators
  • Digital Catalogs
  • Web Solutions
  • iSalesToolkit
  • Webpackaging
  • PackStudio3D
  • Packbase
  • Hosting
  • Network Security

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