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Case Study: TricorBraun

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TricorBraun ($1 Billion annual sales) initially hired Webpac to promote itself via the Webpackaging platform.  TricorBraun was given a global exposure push that resulted in increased sales leads.  Following the success of the Webpackaging project, TricorBraun hired Webpac to implement iSalesToolkit for 200+ sales and marketing users.

Webpac worked with TricorBraun’s marketing and technical staff to develop a sales toolkit platform that integrated with their local network. This allowed toolkits to be distributed to office branches for updates.  Innovative toolkits were designed including the Tube Configurator which was also published on the TricorBraun web site.  The iSalesToolkit App was re-written to run on Windows touch-screen tablets to ensure powerful face-to-face customer engagement.  The project was also linked directly to the TricorBraun Intranet for internal access.

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