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Case Study: Premi Spa

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Premi is an innovative and progressive Italian supplier of upscale packaging.  When they wanted to take their business to the next level, they turned to Webpac to empower their sales team and generate greater exposure.

The heart of the solution was a powerful catalog architecture driving both offline catalog access for the sales team on iPads and online access to customers via the web site.  Webpac designed and built the entire solution, providing all of the underlying software along with studio quality photography and translations.  Premi was marketed and promoted via the Webpackaging web site along with newsletter mailings produced by Webpac.  The Premi web site (www.premispa.com) Webpac built has been recognized in the industry as a leading reference on how to market a packaging company.  Webpac provided an integrated catalog, web, and sales team solution in a very short period of time and to the highest quality.  The result for Premi was increased sales leads and a more organized and productive sales force, giving them a competitive edge in an ever more competitive environment.

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