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RPC Group renews its iSalesToolkit license & Webpackaging membership for 2 years

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During the last few years, RPC Group has been acquiring packaging companies at a rapid pace and along with them building a major salesforce.  RPC has implemented Webpac's iSalesToolkit software to help empower this team with offline sales tools on the go as well as lead management to facilitate cross-sector selling.

Joanne Pack, RPC Group Marketing Manager: "With an ever growing salesforce of over 200 people, iSalesToolkit helps RPC communicate and collaborate effectively."

Webpac has also built advanced catalog and specification management systems for some RPC Group companies that bring together diverse sources of information to help speed up the sales process.  RPC Group promote themselves on Webpac's packaging site www.webpackaging.com to gain industry relevant exposure and their supplier portal can be seen here:


Established in the UK in 1991, RPC is today a global design and engineering company specialising in polymer conversion in packaging and non-packaging markets, with centres of excellence worldwide and a turnover in excess of £2bn.

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