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Pharma Issue 6
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Pharma by Webpackaging®
Issue #6, Spring/Summer 2017


USA & International:
Elias Bittan
UK, Ireland, Benelux:
Michael Webber
Thierry Pezin
Sophie Tu


Editing & writing: Frank Robledano
Proofing: Jo Webb


Code & layout: Miguel Fernandez
Design & graphics:
Laura Espinel
Martina Mounier
José Luis Suso
Susana Ferrer
Alejandro Muñoz

Published by:
Webpac Digital Media Group
Europe: +44 207 193 7821
Asia: +886 6 250 0336
North America: +1 347 809 6779

Welcome to the sixth issue of Pharma by Webpackaging, the interactive digital publication for the pharmaceutical and pharma packaging industries.

There have been numerous advances in the pharmaceutical packaging space over the last year. Many seemed to be focused on facilitating acceptance in a variety of different international markets, so that multiple regulations and considerations for the same product can be met. This saves on having to create multiple versions for different markets and allows companies distributing to streamline operations. We're also seeing a lot of buzz around serialization as an adjunct to this, ensuring the supply chain is kept inviolate and medicine can be tracked throughout its travels.

In this issue, we explore the latest trends and releases in pharma packaging, as well as delve into a couple of topics of particular interest recently: the opinions of consumers on the sort of pharma packaging they prefer and the tendency to de-centralize pharmaceutical production, particularly in times of outbreak.

If you have any ideas, questions, or want to get involved with Pharma by Webpackaging, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for reading!

Frank Robledano Espín

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