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Food Issue 4
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Food by Webpackaging®
Issue #4, Spring/Summer 2017


USA & International:
Elias Bittan
UK, Ireland, Benelux:
Michael Webber
Thierry Pezin
Sophie Tu


Editing/writing: Frank Robledano
Proofing/writing: Jo Webb


Code/layout: Miguel Fernández
Art/design: Laura Espinel

Published by:
Webpac Digital Media Group
Europe: +44 207 193 7821
Asia: +886 6 250 0336
North America: +1 347 809 6779

Welcome to our fourth issue of Food by Webpackaging, the interactive digital publication for the food and beverage packaging industry.

The food and beverage sectors, including their packaging, are in the midst of massive changes. Many concepts that have been around for decades are currently receiving upgrades, including new materials used in their manufacture, slightly different configurations to improve usage in the home by consumers, lightweighting, extra barrier and anti-bacterial coatings, and many other changes that are on the cutting edge of technology. Many brands are also switching to less environmentally hurtful concepts in order to generate sustainable products, which benefit everyone. As technology advances at a breakneck pace, food and beverage packaging innovations always seem to be at the forefront.

If you have any ideas, questions, or want to get involved with Food by Webpackaging, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for reading!

Frank Robledano Espín

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