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Video Clip: Uploading artwork to a 3D tube with PackStudio3D

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One of the primary features of PackStudio3D is the ability to customize items so they look as close to a real piece of packaging as possible. Part of that is including the correct label or surface artwork that can really make the model come alive as a faithful representation of a brand. Watch the video to learn how easy it is to add your own artwork to a model!

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Access the virtual world of innovative pack development! Webpac has created an A.R. App that will transform the pack development process for the consumer goods industry. The app allows users to visualize 3D packs they have created using PackStudio3D, in multiple environments. Packs can be shown in 3D to colleagues at the office, or displayed on supermarket shelves, to see if they stand out from other goods. You can also compare and contrast several versions of a pack to optimize your creative process, and significantly reduce your time-to-market.

Video Clip: "Say Hello!" to Quadpack's new website

Quadpack, a global packaging manufacturer and distributer has recently launched their brand-new website. Designed and developed in collaboration with Webpac, the site’s modern features include a content-specific search wizard, microsites, a company portal hosted in Packbase and PackStudio3D catalogues. These catalogues feature interactive 3D product models where users can design their own 3D products without the need of a CAD engineer or specialist software.

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