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RPC Superfos integrates customer, product, and market knowledge with Webpac's Packbase solution

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As one of the world’s leading plastic packaging companies with 2,300 employees in more than 35 countries, RPC Superfos understands the importance of having good customer and product information. Using a variety of systems to manage production, distribution and commercial relationships, RPC Superfos decided to centralize their customer and product knowledge under a single system. The system chosen for the job was Packbase™  from Webpac Digital Media Group.
“Packbase manages our product database and customer information making both our sales and customer service departments more efficient.” René Valentin – CEO, RPC Superfos.
RPC Superfos has experienced significant growth in recent years with acquisitions of new production facilities. Likewise, the RPC Superfos product and customer base has grown and different IT systems are used at different locations for managing this.
Webpac and RPC Superfos collaborated integrating data from various international locations into a single system that presents data on an easy to access platform. RPC Superfos sales and customer service departments can now access key information directly both online and on their iPads.

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