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Beauty issue 8
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Beauty by Webpackaging®
Issue #8, Autumn/Winter 2017


USA & International:
Elias Bittan
UK, Ireland, Benelux:
Michael Webber
Wenhua Tu


Frank Robledano

Jo Webb


Carlos Orbea
Miguel Fernandez
Ricardo Hoyos

Alejandro Muñoz
Martina Mounier

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Welcome to the eighth issue of Beauty by Webpackaging, the interactive digital publication for the beauty packaging industry!

The beauty space is one of the most crowded and competitive sectors for packaging in the world. Companies constantly jockey for position, with international juggernauts vying for leadership spots while smaller, up-and-coming firms seek to carve out their own piece of the market pie.

In this sort of space, companies need to distinguish themselves from the competition in some manner and there's plenty of room to share. In order to create a unique and valuable product offering, packaging suppliers need to select a dominant value proposition and market that to their existing and prospective clients. With such a massive market offering, brands are increasingly moving toward a point where they value one thing above many other considerations, whether that's excellent post-sale support, incomparable decoration facilities, a wide array of standard moulds, better materials, increased eco-awareness, or any number of other things. Packaging suppliers really need to think about what makes them special, then sell the hell out of it.

Anyone in need of cosmetic packaging should read Beauty to take a look at the latest trends and see the hottest new products in action. While you're here, make sure to visit Webpackaging. The site makes it a lot easier for professionals to find the sort of packaging they require quickly and easily. It also provides a wide array of tools to professionals, including timely news, product information, editable 3D models, and more.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your stay!

Frank Robledano Espín

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