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The Food Packaging Gallery II

The Food Packaging Gallery II

Welcome back! This latest edition of the Food Packaging Gallery showcases a number of different concepts that are peculiar or special in some way, highlighting how form and function unite to create a pleasant experience for consumers. Some items in the gallery are innovative with regard to how they present the product while others aim to be as attractive as possible to distinguish themselves from the competition on the shelf. We hope you find them interesting!

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"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world."
- J.R.R. Tolkien -



The Great British Porridge Co.

Slim and simple, the porridge pouches strip back their decoration to the basics: the ingredients. On a white background, photos of the fruits used are displayed in a découpage-like fashion in a circle around the company name and the flavours. The minimalist artwork communicates the purity of its ingredients perfectly yet also leaves space for the essential health benefits written above it.


Frozen Dinners


Combining COOK’s homemade meal freshness with Innocent’s cheeky and fun personality, Gourmade truly stands out from the crowded ready meal market. Straight from the aisle, their fun colour palette draws the eye while their fresh selling point and simple descriptions retain consumer attention – it’s not something you’re likely to forget!



Malmö Chokladfabrik

Malmö Chokladfabrik have recently undergone a packaging makeover featuring two new shapes. Whether in a classic rectangle or a quirky triangle, the packaging retains a consistent look. The stripe design is reminiscent of childhood fun while the pastel palette contributes to an overall modern feel. This subtle combination of fun and sleek creates a unique style in a saturated market.


Diet Foods


Clean, clear, and nearly Zen in appearance, the Nupo diet food range packaging is right on brand. An easy diet that removes the complication of meal prep, the boxes only display a simple image of the food inside and the essential dietary information, no more, no less.


Pot of Thai Veggie Curry


The Clive’s Thai Veggie Curry uses saturated, warm tones to project a message clearly and visibly in white and yellow. The important ‘organic’ factor is the only yellow text in a different, handwritten font which emphasises the homey ‘made with love’ company motto. Then there's the shape: the pot’s sleeve has 3 square points and one curved edge exposing the actual product so that you really know what you are buying.


Pistachio Provenance

Kingdom and Sparrow

With convenience and tidiness in mind, the Pistachio Provenance box comes complete with an internal slider. As the consumer eats the nuts, the shells can be placed in the section created by the slider which can be moved further along as more nuts are peeled.

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