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Trends Vol. 3: Revenge of the Trends

Beauty Trends 3

of the

The trends are back, and they're furious!

When last we left our team seeking out trends, little did they realize there would be so many of them ready to be unleashed on an unsuspecting beauty sector. Many new trends are related to design or presentation, but there are also those related to the technologies used. Consumers also increasingly expect a clear connection between fashion and cosmetics.

If you have any suggestions on trends you think should be included or you'd like to tell us about some of your own observations in the space, please feel free to write to us at content@webpackaging.com!

  • Melting

    The melting or ‘drip’ effect on packaging has been around for decades and has recently not only made a strong comeback but also been revamped.

    Kylie Jenner arguably injected the drip back in fashion with her Kylie Cosmetics lip kit line but it was Calvin Klein, Paco Rabanne and perhaps more notably Too Faced with their Chocolate Gold eye shadow palette who put a modern twist on it. In the shape and color of a chocolate bar, the palette is coated with a layer of faux melted gold to make for a striking product that truly stands out on shelves and offers a good grip when in use.

  • Unicorns

    For some reason only known to the universe, unicorns were MASSIVE last year in not only the beauty industry but everywhere. Starbucks came out with a limited edition unicorn Frappuccino in April 2017 and there were Unicorn Froot Loops.

    On the beauty side of things, Too Faced came out with a whole unicorn collection, as did Tarte. This year, the unicorn’s time is up and Tarte have come out with a different kind of mythical collection… The Mermaid is in! With products in the range from brushes with tails to a shell palette, Tarte have pushed the boat out to appeal to the unicorn-loving audience in their own, quirky way.

  • Rose gold

    With rose gold having come in to fashion for interior décor and jewelry, it was no surprise when it started to feature in clothing and beauty.

    Ted Baker and Elizabeth Arden beauty products include ranges of lipsticks in rose gold metal tubes with decorations in relief to provide users with an area to grip easily. The Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick design is reminiscent of a telephone box while the Ted Baker collection features regular curves and grooves from top to bottom in a subtler design, letting the rose gold take center stage.

  • Frosting

    Frosted glass is a timeless classic. Mostly used for foundation or skin treatment packs, the frosted glass look offers a luxurious look and feel to any product when combined with simple decoration like the Nuxe Rêve de Miel lip balm or the better-known Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation.

    Allowing users to glimpse the product within, the sophisticated finish and the element of mystery encourages them to try them out at the counters or purchase samples. The matt packs also have the added bonus of a less slippery surface which is easier to grip.

  • Holograms

    The next trend is also one that has been around for a while but has recently been increasing in popularity: the holographic effect. In 2015, a cosmetic brand called Black Moon was launched with a moon and stars in a holographic effect the main attractions of their logo. On their site, the effect is even animated to give it a dynamic look. However, with the recent unicorn trend came the holographic one which has outlasted the former.

    Brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills have launched products – mainly highlighters and lip glosses – with holographic packaging. ABH’s Moonchild Glow Kit is an example of this with the lid being matt holographic and the text in glossy holographic to show off the range of highlighters within.

  • Truly green

    In our first article about beauty packaging trends, we talked about how ‘green washing’ is becoming a thing of the past. Since then, we have seen more evidence for the dying out of fake claims to be ethically sourced and an increase in true claims. What’s more is that brands are incorporating more eco-friendly materials in their packaging as attractive features and selling points.

    Now consumers are actively looking for ‘sin-free’ products, and brands such as NEEK are becoming more noticed. NEEK’s lipsticks are 100% natural and vegan and come in wooden and metal packaging that oozes luxury but also show off their dedication to the environment.

What the readers say

Just like last time, some of our readers decided to write in and give us their thoughts on Trends 2. Here are some of our favourite comments!

RETRO!!! I've always been a sucker for old fashioned packaging, especially that nice and clean 50s style that seems to be coming back. Anne, Brand Manager
As a consumer, there's nothing I appreciate more on a piece of packaging than clarity. I'm glad to see that it's important to enough people that it has become a focal point for a trend. Everyone is busy these days, so if you have to struggle with what you're seeing on store shelves, shopping becomes a nightmare. When we design the packaging for our own lines, we want to engage the consumer with a specific lifestyle proposition, but above all, we want them to be able to make a purchase decision without having to guess. Packaging clarity is certainly beneficial, in my experience. Bradford, CEO
I don't like windows on products unless there is a very specific need for them to be there. As they become more and more widespread, fewer people are asking whether they're a good idea or not. In the case of color cosmetics they make sense. Melinda, Packaging Designer
Minimalism is an excellent visual style. I wish companies would stop putting branding and marketing messages on every square inch of surface they can find. Robin, VP Sales and Marketing
I think the whole "retro" fad is absurd. Things change, styles change. If everyone goes retro, then it dilutes the concept and brands become just another casualty of a fad. I think brands should stick to creating the best possible contemporary look they can and re-address every few years to ensure they stay current. Perry, Artistic Director

Thanks to everyone for writing! Feel free to send us your comments for the next edition!

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