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Just launched: Beauty by Webpackaging issue #9

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The first launched of the site's magazine trio, Beauty by Webpackaging offers site visitors a summary of the latest trends and happenings in the beauty packaging space. Each issue offers a number of articles categorized by theme for easy reading. Issue 9 is no exception, with a number of articles related to contemporary and upcoming trends, new product releases, new technologies offered on the market, original content, in-depth company spotlights, and much, much more.

Read it now: beauty.webpackaging.com

As there are no printed versions: Webpackaging publications are less impacting on the environment, though readers can still flick through pages on their computers or portable devices as if they were magazines. Articles come alive with interactive elements, like videos, photo galleries, links, and other features that jump off the virtual pages. It's the most comfortable and entertaining way to enjoy great content about beauty and cosmetic packaging!

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