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Premium Pack offers aluminium tubes for pharma, beauty, and food packaging solutions

Premium Pack's 45mm diameter aluminum tube provides a complete barrier to light, gases, moisture, fats, oils, volatile chemicals, and micro-organisms. They are ideal for products that are sensitive to air and require maximum shelf life after opening.

Aluminum tubes are mostly used for: 

  • PHARMACEUTICALS: ointments, antiseptic creams, gels
  • COSMETICS: hair dye, protective hand creams
  • FOOD: food pastes, food spreads
  • HOUSEHOLD products: adhesives, solvent cements, art paints

At Premium Pack, we work with customers to understand their requests regarding decoration.

Aluminium Tube Specifications

  • Tube length limit: 200 mm
  • Orifice: M15
  • Cap in conical shape and color white
  • Internal lacquer: epoxy phenolic resin
  • Enamel: polyurethane /polyester
  • End Sealant: with end sealant
  • Printing: up to 4 colors
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