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Quadpack consolidates growth as it marks its position in the top 20 European beauty solution suppliers

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There's no doubting that Quadpack has been working hard to grow and now benefits a dynamic presence within the beauty packaging market. The company celebrates its 15 year anniversary this year and the Quadpack name is now firming established as a go-to manufacturer and supplier within the beauty industry. Sarah Eaves explains how Quadpack has achieved its well-deserved success. 

What has been the catalyst for Quadpack's explosion of success in the past few years?

One of the principal differences that we have communicated in the past 5 years is that of Quadpack being a packaging partner. The company has transformed from being a packaging trader to a hybrid solutions provider and this has been fundamental for our growth. It's an exciting time to be working at Quadpack and our growth is set to continue as we get increasingly recognized and accepted by brands around the globe.

We're doing a lot more work in a variety of areas: Co-development and bespoke work, for example, as we help beauty companies along the journey from their concept through to achieving their packaged product. One of our principal advantages is that we have a global packaging vision and can help brands go one step beyond, showing new possibilities.

As a beauty solutions provider, at Quadpack we can either source, design or combine both options for our customers. This means that we can take a standard jar from the shelf and enhance it with a special cap, or decoration. We've garnered a superb reputation for our ability to add value to a product with design. We are also increasingly active with secondary packaging whereby many brands are reaching out to us as they can see how we bring the difference, which in turn enhances their own brand, particularly in the case of luxury brands that need to lead the market and sustain their position.

Quadpack has realized a massive increase in manufacturing during the last few years —a clear sign of business doing well— and along with its strong ties to Yonwoo and the merger with Collcap in the UK, business is flowing seamlessly.

How has the Quadpack-Collcap merger affected business?

One of the principal reasons for merging with Collcap was that the business ethos and product range were both a complimentary fit, and there were many similarities between us for brands that have made the company even stronger. Collcap had many Asian supplier contacts which has offered us more opportunities in the region and as a company we are able to offer more than ever.

At the time of the merger both Collcap and Quadpack were both working on a project for Dermot O'Leary. Collcap was awarded the contract for the bottle and Quadpack Wood got the cap. That's how well the two companies fitted together! One day we were two companies, the next one, and in the case of this packaging, the client benefitted from an ultra-smooth project development process.

Quadpack has its headquarters in Spain and a significant presence within the United Kingdom. Since the merger, the company has had a lot more exposure and become an even more attractive proposition for well-known UK brands. Trinny London and Charlotte Tilbury, for example, are two brands that have had successful product lines produced by Quadpack. Last year Quadpack also started working with a new brand, Epara, and the line went on to win the Personal Care category of the Luxury Packaging Awards, 2017.

Quadpack doesn't limit its work to niche brands or markets, it works within a broad spectrum within the beauty industry - for example, Giorgio Armani's Acqua di Giò fragrance, Skeyndor's anniversary edition packaging, and a number of Guerlain fragrance and make-up products, to name but a few of the world-famous brands that we have worked with during the last year or so.

How does Quadpack attract such world-famous brands?

The company has significant presence in Europe, with bases in the UK, Spain, France and Italy, and befittingly features in the top 20 European beauty solution suppliers. Quadpack has been present in the Asia Pacific region for many years, but in the last year the company has consolidated its strength by adding co-headquarters for the region with bases in Melbourne and Hong Kong. Earlier this year the company appointed a new distributor in the United States so there is a lot of international activity at Quadpack.

We are more active than ever before at international exhibitions with 23 this year alone, including those in which we participate for Yonwoo and our US distributor. We are very active in finding new business. We don't wait for customers to find us, we go out and find them. This year we have been and will be going to packaging events around the world as we show potential customers what is possible. We have massive presence at European events which has in turn led to our position in the top 20 within Europe and we're using that to our advantage as we extend our reach into Eastern Europe and across Asia, as well as exploring options in South America.

Our regional sales teams know their local markets really well are excellent at researching prospective new customers and understanding the needs of the brand. They are very active in attracting customers that can benefit from Quadpack's product offering. There are a lot of meetings prior to starting any project. Along with our three specialized category managers for skincare, fragrance and make-up, clients see that we have true experts that are passionate about their area of expertise and as such they recognize that Quadpack is a solutions supplier which looks to the future.

As companies consider Quadpack their packaging partner, it's easy to help them along on the journey to realizing their concept. By working in this manner, it's evident that brands trust Quadpack and that is, of course, great for business. At Quadpack, we show brands what we can do and by understanding their corporate identity, we foster a deep trust in our ability to realize their product.

Quadpack has been on an incredible journey of growth and expansion, but there is no plan to stop. We're looking onward and upward to be leading the industry, leading the industry's conversations, and everyone in our team is part of this compelling momentum.

What packaging trends do you foresee?

One of the major trends of the last few years, which is set to continue, is that of "dressing up" standard lines to make them bespoke. There are many benefits to this trend for Quadpack as the manufacturer, the brand and the consumer too.

As a packaging manufacturer, Quadpack knows its product lines very well and can make suggestions based upon available combinations in order to meet trending style products. We offer many decoration techniques for products which give different finished looks. For brands, this means that it is a relatively low cost to create something unique. Yes, the bottle or jar, is a standard shape, but when decorated or printed in a certain way and even combined with a special cap, it's a bespoke result. As less investment is required, it also makes it easy for the brand to re-invent the look as well as the time to market time benefit.

The capability for packaging decoration has increased significantly and different materials work better with different techniques or offer slightly different finishes.

Each year Quadpack devises and publishes its "trend directory". This is Quadpack's "catwalk" to show off new concepts and garner the interest of the beauty market. Quadpack highlights ways in which a high street "look" can be created as well as educating brands in the different ways in which a product or line can be produced. It also gives Quadpack the opportunity to highlight how secondary packaging can be used to create added value and some of the options available.

The other major movement being seen across the packaging board and not just within the beauty industry is that of sustainability which Quadpack is actively persuing alongside both suppliers and clients.

As a beauty packaging provider Quadpack is actively looking for new solutions in all areas of packaging to offer different solutions and lead packaging trends. At LuxePack Monaco, Quadpack celebrated how far it has come in the 15 years since it was established as well as the consolidation of its position as a global beauty solution supplier at the forefront of the beauty market.

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