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We caught up with Germán Sempere at Miniland New Concepts in order to get his impressions of the packaging market these days and learn how Miniland fits in. The company is at the forefront of several emerging trends.

Germán, what is Miniland all about?

At Miniland New Concepts we offer a wide range of packaging options in plastic injection molding, thanks to our great capacity for developing innovative solutions to add significant value to the final product and help optimize both the package and the packing process for our customers.

We mainly manufacture a broad range of high-quality, customizable grinders. Mills are made for a perfect grind of all kinds of spices and salts, offering the consumer the correct dosage of the product. It's a niche but one in which we dominate.

Furthermore, we develop packaging solutions according to our clients’ requirements to produce dispensers, cases, flip-tops, special caps, closures, POS and components…

How does Miniland stand apart?

Our flexibility and responsiveness at every stage throughout the process are much appreciated by our clients.

We develop packaging products, POS and components by plastic injection molding, working in very close cooperation with our customers. We help them to realize their initial ideas according to their needs.

We advise them throughout the whole process, giving shape to their ideas, creating 3D designs, prototypes and pilot molds as a preliminary step before the creation of the production molds.

Following a careful development process designed to achieve the highest quality level during the manufacturing process and based on the effectiveness, cost reduction, optimal choice of materials and an attractive design, we ensure the suitability of the packaging for its efficient integration into the production process – allowing a top-level automation.

What would you say are your company's primary strengths?

First, the quality of our products. Miniland New Concepts is one of the main manufacturers of grinders for spices and salts in Europe, thanks to the large portfolio of mills we carefully produce and the tailor-made solutions we develop, ensuring the highest levels of quality.

Second, we continually invest in new production molds, new machinery, R&D, maintenance and renewal of the facilities, in order to manufacture products with competitive prices.

Third, our company philosophy is to achieve a continuous improvement of processes, pursuing at all times the efficiency and effectiveness of the products we create within parameters designed to be eco-sensitive. Our aim is to anticipate upcoming market trends, always keeping in mind the manufacturing process in order to reduce unnecessary waste. We seek to minimize the impact of our activity on the environment and employ a permanent HACCP-compliant monitoring program to meet the highest hygiene standards required by the food industry, that will be expanded once we have obtained the BRC certification in 2018.

Where does Miniland operate?

Our 15,000m2 manufacturing plant is based in Alicante, Spain. It is a strategic location to ensure flexible delivery to all of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas.

Who are your customers?

We manufacture packaging solutions and POS for the food industry –mainly for spices and salts- but we also develop dispensers, cases, flip-tops, special caps, closures and components for some other industries (toys, chemical products, toiletries amongst other things).

How has Miniland changed according to shifts in the market and trends?

By the time Miniland New Concepts started the production of packaging solutions, we were manufacturing only tailor-made products. However, during the past decade we have created a wide range of standard grinders to offer different options, including for those clients whom are not willing to invest in new molds.

Due to the latest investments in new machinery, new molds, facilities and the recruitment of motivated and well-trained professionals, the company is now one of the main grinder producers in Europe.

What challenges does Miniland currently face? How do you plan to surmount them?

Business is going very well for the company. We are happy because our latest investments are being rewarded with significant growth in sales and we have very good future perspectives.

As I said before, our aim is to anticipate upcoming market trends about design and functionality, surveying production costs but always keeping in mind the evolution of society and concern about the impact of plastics on the environment. For this reason, we are proactively working on waste reduction as well as researching biodegradable and compostable materials in addition to the investment in more efficient machinery to reduce the carbon footprint.

Do you have any new products you're particularly proud of?

The last item we've launched is a XXL Grinder. It's a new mill designed to respond to the emerging needs of clients, who are looking for innovative packaging that can serve both the HORECA sector and supermarkets using bigger formats. Prospective and existing clients will be able to see it in action at All4Pack in Paris this year.

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