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Webpac’s growth skyrockets to 70% in 2018

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2018 was an all-time record year for Webpac as both consumer packaged good brands and packaging suppliers swiftly adopted the Webpac Pack Cloud as their preferred medium for connecting, collaborating, and creating innovative packs.  Marking its 4th consecutive and best year of growth yet, Webpac closed off 2018 with an exceptional 70% increase in global sales, along with the acquisition of several new customers and expansion of contracts with existing key accounts. 

“Three years ago, we had a vision as to how to further accelerate the pack industry using digital and 3D technologies.  Our rapid growth is the result of partnering with some of the biggest brands on the planet to help accelerate pack innovation. Through our sustained focus on innovation and commitment to customer success, we have become the trusted digital solutions’ partner for CPG brands and packaging suppliers all over the globe,” affirms Webpac’s co-founder and CEO, Duncan Briffett.

The record-breaking results reflect the growing need for digital pack collaboration and creation, which facilitates smarter collaboration between brands and suppliers, along with accelerated innovation and faster product development through digital and 3D technologies. Briffett points out that “today’s numbers are proof of what I’m hearing every day from the industry’s key players and, further validation that accelerating innovation and product development were key focuses for businesses in 2018 and will be even more vital next year.”  

In line with this continued momentum, Webpac will take its workforce to 50+ people in 2019. The company will be investing in its 100% in-house technology, information security and human capital at this pivotal time. Webpac’s leadership team is being expanded and consolidated to include Directors in the following roles: Marketing, Sales, Technology, Creative, and Projects.  A brand-new Digital Consulting division will be dedicated to key accounts, while a new Information Systems Team will be responsible for data security and ISO 27001 implementation. 

2019 is gearing up to be even more ground-breaking. Webpac will not only continue to define but also to impulse the industry even further, with more innovation in digital and 3D pack technologies, including an online artwork editing tool – so you can edit decoration on a 3D model instantly – and 3D pack pricing configurators.  “Whilst we are already at the forefront of our industry, in 2019 we will push the boundaries further – the first significant 3D pricing configurators will be launched making it even easier to configure, virtual prototype, quote, and buy packs”, comments Briffett. Webpac will also be entering multiple new sectors within the pack development space through collaboration with strategic partners. Stay tuned for an exciting year ahead!


Webpac is the world’s first cloud-based platform for the consumer goods and packaging industries.  Webpac delivers digital solutions empowering brands and their suppliers to  connect, collaborate, and create faster.

Webpac offers an integrated cloud-based suite of 5 solutions (the Pack Cloud) for brands/pack purchasers and pack suppliers: PackSearch (search engine), PackPortal (brand innovation portals), PackStudio3D (3D configuration and Augmented Reality), PackCatalog (catalog and specification software), PackSales (sales toolkit apps) that accelerate the product development process.

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