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Today, more and more consumer goods brands recognize the power of centralized catalog systems, as they search for faster, more direct ways to collaborate with packaging suppliers. They expect to find the product information they need instantly, when they source packaging online.

When you digitize your packaging information with Webpac, it integrates into a smart centralized structure within the Pack Cloud, the world’s first cloud-based platform connecting the consumer goods and packaging industries. The Pack Cloud distributes packaging information across our digital solutions, including Webpackaging.com, the leading search engine for packaging, pack development portals for brands (Brand Pack Portals), your company’s website, and more.

Unlike stand-alone catalogs that limit the use and reach of stored information, a Digital Catalog is a real-time promotional tool, connecting you with brands and packaging buyers faster and helping you to stay agile in an increasingly competitive market. You can easily update assets instantly across all touchpoints, not only saving time and money but also creating solid business opportunities.

Webpac’s Digital Catalog solution is the industry’s most robust tool for creating and sharing pack and packaging information today, helping suppliers optimize product visibility. Thanks to Packtag technology, Webpac’s industry-optimized asset management system, buyers can easily find product specifications and visualize products with high quality images and interactive technologies.

Products are innovatively showcased to promote your product ranges efficiently. Captivate potential buyers and stand out from the competition with high-resolution studio photography, impactful 360° product photos, and cutting-edge 3D models for an interactive user experience.

Duncan Briffet, CEO at Webpac, comments: “Our catalog system is a unique and robust tool that caters to the packaging industry’s specific needs, helping brands and suppliers to connect faster and collaborate smarter with each other. The information suppliers store in their digital product catalogs is unified and deployed securely and seamlessly in the Pack Cloud. Potential buyers enjoy an incomparable user experience and make quicker and better purchasing decisions.”


Webpac is the world’s first cloud-based platform for the consumer goods and packaging industries.  Webpac delivers digital solutions empowering brands and their suppliers to connect, collaborate, and create faster.

Webpac offers an integrated cloud-based suite of 5 solutions (the Pack Cloud) for brands/pack purchasers and pack suppliers: PackSearch (search engine), PackPortal (brand innovation portals), PackStudio3D (3D pack configuration and Augmented Reality), PackCatalog (catalog and specification software), PackSales (sales toolkit apps) that accelerate the product development process.

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