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Webpackaging launches Pharma Issue #9

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Webpackaging has launched the 9th edition of 'Pharma', a digital publication full of the latest news and biggest trends within the pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging industry.

Boasting an entirely digital format, Webpackaging publications eradicate the need for printing and thus minimise impact on the environment. Readers are, however, still able to flick through Pharma Issue 9 on their devices with ease as if it were a hard-copy magazine. Articles charm the reader with interactive elements, as videos, photo galleries, links, and other features bring each virtual page to life. Pharma by Webpackaging promises to be the most comfortable and entertaining way to enjoy great content from the pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging space!

Take a look: https://www.webpackaging.com/en/portals/webpac/assets/12036883/pharma-issue-9/


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