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Speed to market to launch innovative new products has never been more important and Webpac has responded by bringing forward the launch of its PackStudio3D Worlds online web browser-based 3D software.

3D CAD software is generally expensive and requires a high-powered PC with a trained user.  It can take considerable time to make a render – and that can only be done by experts.  Companies spend thousands of dollars hiring agencies to create mock-up scenes which often take days to produce.  PackStudio3D Worlds allows anyone, even with no CAD experience, to make high quality renders in seconds and at the fraction of the cost.  It is being used globally by the world’s biggest brands to reduce the time it takes to get a concept to market.

Webpac CEO, Duncan Briffett, commented:

Over 20 years ago when we first started Webpac – PackStudio3D Worlds was the ultimate vision of what a company like Webpac could do.  It took a while for hardware to have the capability – but now it is here!  I’ve never used CAD before, but with PackStudio3D Worlds I can make extremely high-quality renders and pack shots to visualize concepts instantly.  We’ve tuned the software based on feedback from some of the world’s largest brands to ensure that Worlds has many uses throughout new product development and beyond.”

What is PackStudio3D Worlds?

PackStudio3D Worlds is web browser-based software that allows the user to take packs from the Webpac Pack Cloud into a dynamic online 3D rendering environment that allows the instant creation of interactive multi-pack scenes in different ‘worlds’ such as kitchens, bathrooms, or stores.

How do I get my products into PackStudio3D Worlds?

PackStudio3D Worlds is compatible automatically with any content that is in the Webpac Pack Cloud.  When a user creates a configuration and saves it, they are automatically prompted to pass that model into PackStudio3D Worlds.  When in PackStudio3D Worlds, the create screen gives the user the chance to add any of their saved 3D models to Worlds.  There are some demo models to play with.  If you want to trial some of your packs on the platform, contact hello@webpac.com.

What can I do with my scene in PackStudio3D Worlds?

Share – create a multi-pack scene and share it

Live Share – users all round the world can track your changes ‘live’

Pack Shot Render – generate a Full HD image instantly

Export to 3D Printer – print out packs on a 3D printer

Virtual Reality – use the latest WebXR technologies to view on a Windows Mixed Reality VR headset

How can I have a go?

Try PackStudio3D Worlds now … http://www.webpackaging.com/packstudio3dworlds/

Contact us for more information hello@webpac.com

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