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Technology is obviously a major part of our lives, from personal to corporate use, and while many companies have already been incorporating technology into their business plans for years, having digital solutions is more important than ever. With the current global situation, the way people work is changing. Many employees are limited to working at home, travel is restricted, and the traditional way of physically interacting to do business has been disrupted.

With the rise in digital business and services, Webpac has seen unprecedented growth in Webpackaging traffic, currently having more visitors than ever before. Webpackaging is the leading search and innovation platform for connecting brands and packaging suppliers. With Webpackaging hitting a record number of visits in the last few weeks, with over 75,000 visits in the last month (over 65% more than the monthly average in 2019), the necessity for digital platforms and services in the packaging industry is clear.

Now is the time for companies to use technology to optimize and digitize their strategies for the current market, and many are turning to Webpac’s cloud-based software services to facilitate doing business online in an efficient and innovative way.

As the current global climate challenges conventional business methods for the foreseeable future, it is crucial to invest in digital services as many companies will likely remain almost completely online. More suppliers and brands than ever are choosing cloud-based products like Webpackaging, a platform where they can accelerate innovation, increase their speed to market, and create new opportunities to evolve in this unprecedented time.

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  • Modified 24 Apr 2020
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