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[27 July 2020] - Always innovating, Webpac, the leading cloud-based platform connecting brand owners and packaging suppliers, has created a true digital alternative to traditional packaging exhibitions. On September 1st, 2020, Webpac launches the first edition of Webpackaging LIVE, a virtual exhibition to showcase and experience packaging like never before. With an amazing line-up of 20 packaging suppliers covering all major markets, Webpackaging LIVE is ‘the’ virtual meeting place for packaging developers and buyers to source new suppliers and products, exchange ideas and get inspired.

From September 1st to November 30th, visitors can connect anytime from anywhere in the world, right in their web browser, to interact directly with both the products on display and the suppliers exhibiting their latest packs and innovations.

Featuring interactive 3D exhibition stands and packs in full 3D from leading packaging suppliers around the globe, visitors are in for a highly interactive show experience.  Brand owners can instantly connect with packaging suppliers through live chat or video calls, and click on interactive bubbles to view product videos, online catalogs, and more to get an up close look at all of the products on display at Webpackaging LIVE. You can even take snapshots of your favorite packs!

Webpackaging LIVE presents some of the biggest packaging suppliers in the Beauty & Personal Care, Cosmetics, Home Care, Food & Beverage, and Pharmaceutical markets. All of the following major suppliers will have virtual stands at Webpackaging LIVE to showcase their latest packaging solutions: from TricorBraun, Heinz-Glas, Quadpack, Geka GmbH, Alpha Packaging, Virospack, Neopac, Giflor, Pont Europe, Neville and More, Robinson Packaging Innovation, to COPCO, Anomatic, Bartoli, Hoffmann, Multitubes, Precision Global, SGB Packaging Group, Awantys Group, and Valmatic. At Webpackaging LIVE, you can browse their bottles, caps, jars, pumps, tubes, mascara packs, droppers, actuators, tins, cosmetic compacts, and much more – in full 3D.

PackStudio3D Worlds, Webpac’s cutting-edge 3D technology powering the exhibition, is ideal for connecting everyone in the packaging industry, from suppliers to brand owners to packaging developers and buyers looking for the latest packs on the market. The web-browser based software lets you create pack concepts and visualize multipack scenes in dynamic virtual environments. Coupled with realistic full 3D models, chat, and multi-media technologies, Webpackaging LIVE is sure to provide enhanced product interaction and a truly unique user experience for all in attendance.

With the current global climate, it is the right time to launch a virtual packaging exhibition that is fully accessible online, but the truth is that Webpac, the world’s first cloud-based platform for brands and pack suppliers, has always been a leader in digital solutions and innovations to connect the packaging industry’s major players.

Webpackaging LIVE is the product of Webpac's vision, technology, and adaptation to the current times and is fully aligned with the company’s mission to connect brands and suppliers online for faster, enhanced collaboration. Webpac CEO Duncan Briffett confirms, “Never in our lifetimes have we seen the world change more quickly than now. The world at large did not see a Coronavirus situation coming. The human capacity to adapt is amazing, and Webpackaging LIVE is a product of that adaptation as brand owners and packaging suppliers connect in new ways.”

Register now to attend Webpackaging LIVE and experience a packaging exhibition like never before!


About Webpac

Webpac is the world’s first cloud-based platform for the consumer goods and packaging industries.  Webpac delivers digital solutions empowering brands and their suppliers to connect, collaborate, and create faster.

Webpac offers an integrated cloud-based suite of 5 solutions (the Pack Cloud) for brands/pack purchasers and pack suppliers: PackSearch (search engine), PackPortal (brand innovation portals), PackStudio3D (3D pack configuration and Augmented Reality), PackCatalog (catalog and specification software), PackSales (sales toolkit apps) that accelerate the product development process.

About PackStudio3D Worlds

PackStudio3D Worlds is a 3D software for live 3D pack rendering online. The web-browser based software lets you create pack concepts and visualize multipack scenes in dynamic virtual environments – instantly. No CAD experience required.

For further information, please contact:

Alexandra Bobin
Marketing Director, Webpac

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Webpackaging LIVE - The virtual Packaging Exhibition

Webpac is proud to present Webpackaging LIVE, a virtual exhibition to showcase packaging like never before. Webpackaging LIVE is a modern alternative to physical exhibitions and a tool for product development and worldwide exposure. Using Webpac’s in-house 3D technology and combining knowledge of materials with exquisite display environments, the visitor experience of discovering and exploring packaging is supremely enhanced. Packaging can be explored in full 3D showcasing packs and innovations as realistic as if they were right in front of you.

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