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One of this year’s biggest trends is undoubtedly Sustainability. From brands to consumers to suppliers, everyone is trying to look out for the environment by turning to recyclable and eco-friendly packaging options. Webpackaging LIVE is proud to include multiple companies focusing on sustainability in its incredible lineup of packaging suppliers. Get inspired by what they have to offer and source the latest sustainable packaging on the market at Webpackaging LIVE.

Committed to sustainable packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, nutritional, personal care, consumer chemical, and food and beverage markets, Alpha Packaging offers high-quality bottles and jars made of 100% recycled material (post-consumer resins), fully recyclable plastic, plant-based packs made from select bioresins, and lightweight source-reduced packaging.

Anomatic embraces sustainability with anodized aluminum packaging for personal care, skin care, pharma/medical devices, and beverages. Their aluminum jars and caps are 100% recyclable, yet durable, and can even be infinitely recycled, thanks to anodization process which extends the life of the material, reduces Anomatic’s carbon footprint.

AWANTYS Group has a strong heritage in launching sustainable packaging innovations for fragrances, skin care and make-up. Visit the AWANTYS booth to see their most sustainable lines AWYCYCLE, certified recyclable PCR/PIR plastic packs, and AWYVERDE, renewable and compostable packs made from paper-based, non-petrochemical biocompounds.

Tube experts Multitubes are frontrunners in sustainability and innovation, offering a complete range of environmentally conscious tubes. For tubes with a high PCR content, reduced plastic, or even biobased tubes, see Multitubes’ sustainable options at Webpackaging LIVE.

Leading the industry in cosmetic droppers for skin care, beauty, hair, and nail products, Virospack has doubled down on their commitment to the environment with new sustainable dropper components. From a 100% natural wood collar, to premium PP collars, Virospack’s new eco-friendly dropper caps no longer require glue or lacquering, reducing environmental impact while still delivering on premium looks.

View all of the environmentally friendly products these suppliers have to offer in full 3D, chat with them in real time, and source sustainable packaging instantly at this virtual exhibition, the first of its kind. Visit Webpackaging LIVE now until November 30th to plan your next sustainable pack with these eco-conscious suppliers.

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