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Webpac Design and Technology Teams Partner with WWP Beauty on New E-Catalog

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WWP Beauty, an international supplier of top-quality solutions for the beauty industry, is launching its new e-catalog, created in partnership with Webpac. WWP chose the design and technology teams at Webpac to develop a new stock catalog displaying its innovative beauty and cosmetic solutions.

The new WWP beauty catalog is a clear example of what happens when the incredible creative design team and agile technology team at Webpac join forces with the creative team of a great packaging solutions provider. The result is a great project done right.

Thanks to the experienced teams at Webpac, a custom e-catalog was delivered in just three short months. It offers an incredible user experience with detailed 3d packaging visualizations and an intuitive interface.

See the full WWP Beauty Catalog created in partnership with Webpac by clicking here.

Together with the creative teams at both companies, the design and technology teams at Webpac have created 340 packaging solutions renders and twelve 360º interactive 3d models into a comprehensive catalog in record time.

The catalog has a great visual and interactive experience, allowing users to easily navigate through the different sections.

While many e-catalogs usually focus on displaying their solutions at a glance, the skilled Webpac team instead focused on a "user centric" experience. The team created guided navigation and a search function to make finding the packaging categories a user might be looking for easy.

Users can select and unblock different color-coded packaging categories, apply new filters, and explore different related products or collections paired with top quality renders and photography.

Webpac created a flexible catalog management tool that allows WWP to manage their content in a fast and simple way- allowing great control and future scalability.

Interested in partnering with Webpac to develop your next solutions catalog? Contact the team today.

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