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Pack Portal is set to transform pack management

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The digital age has brought about many changes to the way in which we do business nowadays. One of the key benefits has been the streamlining of data, enabling partners to share information and keep track of extensive projects with the click of a mouse.

Join Duncan Briffett for a personal demo of Pack Portal

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector has taken advantage of many of the benefits that digitalization has brought with it in order to bring products to market faster, but until now, the sourcing of complete packs by the industry has not been possible from one single and uncomplicated point of supply due to the number of products and manufacturers on the market.

Enter Pack Portal to the market. Pack Portal is a digital tool which has been designed to service this particular sector for the effective creation of complete packs with a speed and coherency that has never before been seen. The ready-to-run software is a unique tool for consumer brands, retail, private and white label, contract manufacturing, and pack distributors in addition to teams in R+D, design, marketing, purchasing and supply chain.

The online tool is the brainchild of Duncan Briffett, CEO of webpac®, and an entrepreneur in the creation and implementation of digital solutions for the packaging industry.

As Duncan himself states:

"Pack Portal has been specifically designed for the Consumer Packaged Goods sector to accelerate the product development process and get a better product to market quicker!"

In addition to benefiting project management and development teams by offering access to myriad products in one single space, Pack Portal also facilitates collaboration across departments and with business partners, with various digital tools incorporated that enable projects to be tracked and innovations to be bookmarked for review at later date.

Duncan continues:

"There has been a clear need by the industry for Pack Portal for a number of years, and not just by global brands and CPG companies to track which manufacturer provides which part of a pack. Pack Portal is opening up new opportunities for sourcing and working whether at a global scale for mass impact or at a local or country-wide level in addition to enhancing cross-department collaboration. The intuitive interface allows companies to work in the way that works best for them to instantly source and share pack information and ideas with colleagues and partners."

Duncan is personally offering CPG companies interested in setting up a Pack Portal account the opportunity for a private online demonstration of the platform's unique features.

Book your 30 minute demo and discover how this collaborative digital tool is transforming the sector and already benefiting teams from large and small consumer brands around the globe.

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