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Webpac®, the company behind Pack Portal™, was set up in 1996 in response to a clear market need for more effective and efficient sourcing of packaging. With digital communications becoming increasingly more commonplace, webpac was established with the express mission of connecting packaging manufacturers with buyers.

The company's first major milestone was the webpackaging® website which enabled packaging suppliers and manufacturers to highlight their product offerings to packaging buyers around the globe. Following the company's move to provide secure, cloud-based data for its members, webpac is now targeting packaging buyers and technologists in its latest digital solution, Pack Portal™. 

Duncan Briffett, webpac's CEO provides an introduction to the development of Pack Portal and invites teams interested in seeing first-hand how the system works to request a personalized demo directly with him to discover more.

What is Pack Portal?

Pack Portal is an off-the-shelf solution that enables users to quickly and effectively collaborate in order to create and make better packs. Webpac has been working with the packaging industry since it was established and our webpackaging.com site already offers significant benefits for both companies that are selling and those that are sourcing.

Pack Portal is different to other digital offerings as it is focused on the development of pack solutions. It enables users to be inspired by the latest cutting-edge product offerings on the market, collaborate with teams and suppliers for current and future projects, and provides a unique overview of pack-related content all from within one single work space.

Is the software just for R+D teams?

R+D teams will find Pack Portal incredibly useful as it makes the sourcing of packs faster than ever before, in addition to providing insights to new companies and cutting-edge pack innovations. But it's not just a tool for R+D and procurement teams.

Marketing practitioners can use Pack Portal for inspiration with access to brand new industry innovations and 3D elements. Design teams can create projects and mock up designs in just minutes for both single- and multi-pack scenes while developers can manage their portfolio and view selected choices in Augmented Reality. There are many different ways that teams can choose to create their projects, request or provide further details and share ideas.

Does Pack Portal require any special software or skills?

Pack Portal requires an internet connection so that the latest updates can always be accessed, but no special software or skills are required. Users simply log on from their computer to have full access. Nothing needs to be downloaded. It's all very easy to use, intuitive and importantly it's secure — meeting ISO 27001 international standards.

Is Pack Portal just for brands?

No, Pack Portal is not just for brands. It is a unique software that has been designed to help teams that work towards creating complete packs, therefore it's particularly ideal for both brands and Consumer Packaged Goods companies, and as it's a collaborative tool that is available online, information can be seen and responded to in real-time. This is one of the primary reasons why Pack Portal also benefits marketing, R+D and design teams in addition to those in purchasing and supply chain.

What are the benefits of Pack Portal?

Pack Portal provides a range of benefits for different teams. While it was originally created as an all-in-one solution for the creation of full packs, the feedback reported by companies already using the software has been incredible. We've been told that the time to create a pack has shifted from months down to days, so it is incredibly time-saving. There are also significant resources saved. Clear information is all found online in one space, therefore brochures are not required. Equally, with access to so many 3D models available, it's only when the final pack solutions are being considered that physical samples are required and requested, thus saving transportation resources.

As more companies are signing up to join Pack Portal, we are regularly hearing about other benefits of the system according to how different teams are using it.

Can small companies benefit from using Pack Portal?

One of the key considerations when designing Pack Portal was to ensure that it would benefit industry in general as a practical tool for sourcing and creating packs. We've set it up so that it will be a key tool for various teams of different sizes. Pack Portal is proving to be just as much an asset to well-known global brands as it is to localized teams and even niche groups.

Pack Portal is very flexible system and can be used according to the way a team, department, subsidiary or company chooses, all collaborating towards the overall goal of creating a complete pack.

Can I request a demonstration of Pack Portal?

Absolutely, yes! I'm personally offering to give a 30-minute demo of Pack Portal to companies that would like to see how it works. I have opened up my schedule for a limited time so that bookings can be made directly in my work diary. Simply choose your preferred day and time, and I'll be pleased to show you around and answer your questions! 

Book a Pack Portal demo with webpac CEO, Duncan Briffett.


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