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Instantly take your packs from idea to shelf with Augmented Reality

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Accelerate the pack development process using Webpac’s cutting-edge PackStudio3D AR (Augmented Reality) App. The struggle to make fast and informed product development decisions is over. Thanks to the AR App, instantly visualize your 3D pack designs in augmented reality anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

Simply upload your configured and decorated packs from the PackStudio3D Configurator and project them onto your desk, store shelves or any other environment. Place different pack configurations next to each other to see which one works best. Test your ideal pack in single or multi-pack scenes to simulate what they look like in a retail setting.

It can take days, even weeks, to produce mock-ups and physical samples of your pack designs. Now, with the powerful 3D visualization app you will view infinite pack possibilities instantly and shave weeks off the product development process.

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RPC Superfos upgrades labelling tool to fully-interactive 3D pack configurator

RPC Superfos upgrades labelling tool to fully-interactive 3D pack configurator

As a front-runner in the development and manufacturing of plastic packaging solutions, RPC Superfos approached Webpac to take pack development to the next level and provide an optimized configuration experience for their customers. Webpac is replacing RPC Superfos’ current labelling tool with a powerful, fully-interactive 3D configurator, enhancing not only the visualization of pack designs but also allowing customers to configure and decorate packs in seconds.

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