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TricorBraun shines a spotlight on nutraceuticals

TricorBraun shines a spotlight on nutraceuticals

The North American vitamins and dietary supplements market is expected to reach $68.22 billion by 2025.

The continued focus on health and wellness has spurred a growth in the number of vitamin and supplement brands as well as the breadth of their portfolios. Marketers are focusing on new formats like gummies and mints and targeting formulas to specific consumer groups (ex. seniors) to drive category growth and brand loyalty.

Nutraceutical brands must provide products and packaging that address consumer’s evolving wellness priorities and cravings for variety, efficacy and authenticity.

As one of the largest packaging suppliers for the Nutraceutical category, we have 40+ locations and offer global expertise in sourcing, logistics, vendor managed inventory, and quality.

We can help you source or design the right packaging for your needs.

Contact us at 800-325-7782 or email Becky Manukyan at bmanukyan@tricorbraun.com for more information.


Dream & discover

Lifestyle trends
Brand objectives
Purchase drivers
Packaging format

Develop & source

Stock components
Custom solutions
Deco and labeling
Supplier selection
Lifestyle trends

Distribute & manage

Global footprint
Managed inventory
Logistics and service
Reduced complexity

Delightful experience

Quality assurance
Smarter solutions
Limitless options

Customer behaviors

Packaging implications


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Secure sealing
  • App-based support

Proactive, preventive health care

  • Contriling dosing
  • Clear labeling
  • Pre-portioned

Choosing natural ingredients

  • Natural cues
  • Minimalist graphic
  • Hygienic

Targeted formulas

  • Personalized
  • Subscription-based
  • Senior-friendly

Now trending in nutraceuticals

  • Personalized, subscription-based supplement kits go mainstream
  • A focus on different formats and textures (gummies, powders, liquids, etc.)
  • Products with beauty benefit claims
  • Promoting ingredient provenance, naturalness and authenticity
  • Product benefit innovation (ex. microbiome, support, protection against blue light, protection against insect bites)
  • High usage of probiotics
  • Vegan-friendly, gluten-free and plant-based formulations on the rise
  • A focus on de-stressing and improvement of mental health

Smarter Packaging Solutions

Whether your needs are stock or custom, short or long term, straightforward or complex, we work with flexibility toward the best integrated solution for you. We simplify the development and procurement process to optimize your path to success.

In a world of complexity, deadlines and budget constraints, we never lose sight of your brand objectives and the undeniable role that packaging plays in the success of new and refreshed products. This way, you can remain focused on what’s inside the package.

If you have questions about this brochure or our services, please call 800-325-7782 or email bmanukyan@tricorbraun.com

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