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A product article is probably the best way to highlight the best features about a particular product as there is no limit to the information that can be incorporated. But, how can you write a good product article?


The title of your product article ideally includes the name of your company and the new product, however, the most important feature of the title is to attract the attention of the reader. A good title is not too long, yet will entice people to click on the article and discover more.

  • Example: Webpackaging launches 3D worlds platform for advanced product integration — Webpackaging is the company name, 3D worlds platform is the new product and the remaining text provides a little more information.
  • Example: New 'How to...?' section helps webpackaging suppliers get more leads — This example states the primary benefit of the product.
  • Bad title example: Webpackaging is proud to announce the launch of its brand new platform which will help packaging companies to promote 3D models of packaging in different environments — this title is too long.
  • Bad title example: WEBPACKAGING GROWS — this title is so vague that it doesn't actually tell the reader anything. Has the company grown in size? Or perhaps it has grown a plant? It is also written in capital letters which is considered to be 'shouting' in written form, and very few people like to be shouted at!

First paragraph

The role of the first paragraph is to 'set the scene' for the product and to introduce it. This introduction should be compelling and offer the reader the basic information about the product. Again, it is a good technique to include the company name and the product name in addition to the primary benefit of the product.

Further paragraphs

The next paragraphs of text should include detailed information about the product organized in an easy-to-follow manner. For example, one paragraph that highlights how the product was conceived and has been manufactured. Another paragraph can provide details about ways in which the product can be customized - for example, alternative sizes or shapes. 

When writing for the internet paragraphs should not be too long. Sometimes 1 sentence is enough. Other times 3 sentences may be the optimal amount of content for a paragraph.

The number of paragraphs of text should be related to the amount of information that is required to be shared. On webpackaging, we recommend a minimum of 3 paragraphs of text so that it is interesting for the reader. Very long texts with multiple paragraphs are not usually any more beneficial than an article of 5-6 paragraphs on the platform because a product article should keep to the main features of the product. If your text has gotten very long, then your text would be better presented as a 'white paper' or report as the user expects to have a lot more in-depth data available to read in such texts.


It is said that an image can tell us a thousand words. A good image will help the reader to understand the structure or style of a product, or to highlight how well the finished result has turned out. A bad image will have the opposite effect as it may confuse the reader, or create a negative impression of your company. 

Subheadings and quotes

Subheadings and quotes offer a way to make it easier for the reader to skim-read the text on screen, or to highlight information further. This article uses subheadings so that it is clear to understand the content in each section.

The use of a quotation allows the opportunity to repeat information in a different format and is particularly useful for summarizing content.

"When writing a content article it is important that the content is structured so that it makes sense to the reader. The title and the first paragraph should provide key information which is then expanded upon in the remaining paragraphs. An article can also benefit from the use of good images, subheadings and quotes to make the content more exciting to read on screen."

Further recommendations

When you write a product article for your company, you are reflecting an image of your company online. Remember to check your text for spelling errors and continuity. If your article is unclear when you read it, then it will be even more unclear to the reader as well as portraying a less favorable impression of your company and the product that you want to promote.

Webpackaging offers copywriting as one of its services available to customers. Contact your webpackaging account manager to find out more about copywriting and other support services that can be contracted by your company to enhance your online marketing efforts.

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