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Webpackaging certified suppliers have access to view their company's statistics across the site in real-time, with access to all data 24h per day. 

Statistics are only available to certified suppliers during membership, therefore if your company does not have an active membership as a certified supplier, you will not be able to view this information. Once your company's webpackaging membership has begun, this is one of the many benefits to which you have access.

Admin Access

Please note that it is only those people which have been given admin access that may enter the admin area of your company's portal.

Once you have logged on to webpackaging, click the Admin link from your company's portal then click on the Statistics choice from the Admin menu.

Within the Statistics section, the first page automatically defaults to the Overview page which will provide all key data from the past quarter period.

From here you can then navigate to a specific page to see which content is most popularly viewed, which brands have viewed your content and much more.

You may also change the time period range from anything between 1 hour, up to and including a full 1 year of statistics.


Your Frequently Asked Questions — Solved!

Why can't I view my company's statistics?

Most probable reasons:

  • You did not log on to webpackaging before trying to view the statistics.
  • You are not set up as an administrator for your company, therefore you do not have access to view this page.
  • Your company is not a webpackaging member, therefore you do not have access to view this page. Contact webpackaging to become a member.
  • Your company is no longer a certified supplier with a current webpackaging membership in place. Contact webpackaging to renew your company's membership.

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