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Webpackaging now has the latest and most comprehensive product online for Certified Supplier Dongguan Jiaxin Industrial. Collaborating together, webpackaging and Jiaxin have now offer a catalog with clear visuals and comprehensive data that includes brand new products, exciting new ranges and all the most requested information on each and every item. More products. More information. More options.

Click to access Dongguan Jiaxin Industrial's updated product catalog.

Organized into ranges, this catalog update makes it easier than ever to search for individual products or to create a new brand line with packs of varying capacities.

Newly added tottle collections

Brand new into the catalog is Jiaxin's tottle offering. Manufactured in HDPE, the tottles are offered in different capacities from 30ml up to 200ml.

The 5 collections include HDPE 0567, a 50ml tottle with a textured exterior styled in a diamond-like form; HDPE 0609 with its flat tops; HDPE 0615 which features soft curved edges; HDPE 0621 straight-sided tottles with a gently curved end; and HDPE 0627 with its soft tapering.

More large capacity bottles

Jiaxin has increased the number of bottles it offers with volumes of 750ml and more. Options now include the hexagonal bottle JX0434 in 750ml. Paired with a pump head, this PETG bottle is perfect for personal care lines and can be decorated with a variety of techniques. Floral bottle JX0111 is offered in a slightly larger 780ml capacity and is designed to appeal to female consumers thanks to the unique floral shoulder decoration. 1 litre choices include the tall, square JX0236 bottle, the cylindrical JX0266 with gently curved shoulders, and JX0509, the largest sized bottle in the PET 0497 bottle series.

Cosmetic jars to complement bottles

In addition to offering jars to complement some of Jiaxin's bottle collections, there are also a number of choices that are just jars. The PP jars are manufactured in a variety of forms and with cheerful decoration, truly stand out on shelf, while the acrylic jars are styled as diamonds and paired with hexagonal flat-top caps that make a premium statement.

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Access Dongguan Jiaxin Industrial's updated product catalog.

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