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Lipstick: An instrument of seduction and a stable commodity

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Lipstick is one of the most important utensils in a handbag and in decorative cosmetics it is the declared users' favourite, alongside mascara. Its economic importance clearly underscores how lipstick has always traditionally helped as a comforting treat in times of crisis: Even the two world wars were not able to dent lipstick sales. 

For most users, it goes without saying that lipstick is quite indispensable. The only difficult question here is deciding on the colour, which is influenced by fashion as much as it is by the wearer's skin tone and look. With a sliding price scale that has no ceiling, it is eminently practical to try out a new lipstick and its effect in sample form.

For the direct sales of its products, renowned Swedish cosmetics supplier Oriflame uses trial size lipsticks to a large extent. For over 40 years now, the company has developed cosmetics using pure and natural ingredients from selected plant and herbal extracts. 

Oriflame customers are given help and assistance by expertly trained top consultants in their own homes via direct person-to-person sales. The sales network now comprises an incredible 3.5 million consultants who are active in over 60 countries. This makes Oriflame one of the fastest-growing direct sale companies worldwide. Alongside the quality and range of the products, Oriflame customers particularly appreciate this direct contact with the manufacturer.

Beauty Products a Consumer Trend

Customers associate buying cosmetics with a special shopping experience. The luxury of classy cosmetics is something they want to touch and smell – which is why it is preferable for samples and trial sizes to come in as high quality packaging as the retail sizes themselves. Weener has already been working globally in the field of plastic packaging as an Oriflame partner for a long time, and has been enlisted to produce lipstick samplers. The pilot phase for this product has already been completed and now the company is moving towards mass production of the cosmetic packaging miniatures.

The packaging consists of a lower section that holds the lipstick and a highly transparent cap closure allowing the consumer to see the colour. The material is polystyrene. Weener thus achieves an impeccable finish using this demanding material with consummate ease. The cap and the base fit perfectly.

To manufacture the packaging base, a 32-cavity mould is used while for the cap a 24-cavity mould was selected. For the first time, Weener has deployed an interesting hot runner at its factory in St. Petersburg. The advantages here are quite evident: waste is reduced or virtually eliminated and the production process is not continually disrupted for cleaning and maintenance work. 

Many different packaging types that differ in colour are produced for Oriflame by the Weener subsidiary in Russia. Overall, production volume stands at many millions of pieces per year. A key reason for Oriflame choosing Weener as its partner was the company's reliability and consistent high quality production. In this instance, Oriflame does not carry out any entry checks on its own goods - the lipstick samples go directly to production. Weener Russia very much appreciates this high level of trust.

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