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The Axe Effect - Weener USA manufactures Axe shower gel cap

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You may or may not have experienced it. The fact is, it obviously exists - the Axe Effect. 

In any case the survey shows that 87% of Germans are familiar with the Axe Effect and that just under one third of women aged 16 to 28 admit to having experienced it once. Results of two research studies (conducted in 2007 and 2010) have shown that fragrances in contrast to other sensory perception directly impact the emotional centre, briefly "switch off" control over thoughts and can cause an emotional reaction*. This confirms the product claim developed by its producer Unilever a long time ago - "Axe. The scent that provokes Women / How dirty boys get clean" i.e. that men with an appealing scent are more appealing to women. Since launching the men's care series Axe (sold as Lynx in the UK, Ireland and Australia) in the early 1980s Unilever has caused a stir with its entertaining, sometimes provocative and multiple-award winning campaigns and TV commercials.

Product packaging also plays quite a prominent role in brand image since it aims to enhance the core product claim. In this Unilever project Weener acts as a co-converter and partner and was heavily involved in the development of the Axe press top. Since 2010 the two-piece cap has been manufactured by Weener's subsidiary Weener Plastics Inc. based in Wilson, NC in the USA.  

The special characteristic of the manufacturing process for the cap is the in-mould assembly of the two cap components – usually this is done in a downstream production process outside the mould. This technology saves one complete processing step and is therefore especially efficient and economical. However, it also makes very high demands on the injection moulding process because both components (top body and operating element) must be precisely tuned to each other for clean and smooth assembly – because this will also have an impact on the tightness of the seal as a whole. The two development partners also took an extremely cautious approach to the material selection for the two components making sure that production continues to run smoothly.  

The design features the familiar striking, rich details and perfectly matches the look and feel of the bottle. The press-top components are matt black for the body and matt/shiny grey for the operating part.

Currently 12 fragrances are available that hit the scene with unusual ingredients such as chocolate or leather essences designed to beguile the ladies. To this end product developers have always cooperated with leading international perfume makers.

The new Axe Excite: tempts even angels…

Some 90 advertising campaigns have been launched since Axe was introduced to the market. The current campaign for the new fragrance "Excite" offers a "heavenly date" with an angel in the form of an attractive young lady, in conjunction with exciting entertainment at a great location (casino, Formula 1, boxing and always as a VIP guest). What man could resist that…

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