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Nutri-Line: Innovative lids and scoops for enhanced hygiene and comfort

  • Weener Plastics
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As a leading supplier of caps and scoops for infant nutrition, Weener Plastics has developed the Nutri-Line, a new total packaging concept for a safe and hygienic dosing of the infant formula. The lid with integrated scoop can be used for standard tin plate and composite cans.

The Nutri-Line is available in two sizes, 99mm and 127mm both of which are suitable for high speed filling lines.


The hinged lid has a big and convenient grip for easy opening and closing. The smart locking element keeps the lid open during usage. The levelling bridge enables an accurate dosing quantity. After use, the scoop can conveniently and hygienically be placed on the cover ring and the lid can be re-closed again for safe storage. The two-piece lid with multi-colour option can be further customized with an in-mold label or embossing, enhancing your brand identity.

Tamper Evident

A patented tamperproof indicator shows the user the originality of the product. After break out of this strip and opening of the lid, the scoop can be taken from the cover ring before the first use. After removal of the aluminium peel-foil on the can, the customer can scoop the content.


The stackable scoop is highly practical in use and applicable for a wide range of powders and densities. It has a wide handle for perfect grip and stability. Thanks to the improved cup design, the scoop has optimum pouring features and it can easily scoop the last content from the can. The venting slits enhance an accurate and controlled scooping.

Unique Benefits

  • Pre-packed scoop is hygienically separated from the powder
  • High comfort and convenience
  • Fully automated product handling
  • Smart designs with integrated functionalities
  • Suitable for high speed filling lines
  • Clean room and BRC certificated production environment

Lid Specifications

  • Two diameters: 99mm and 127mm
  • For tin plate and composite cans
  • Only 16mm extra height required on can
  • Optimal stacking: lid/lid and lid/can
  • Strong hinge and stabilized opening position
  • Big grip for opening and closing
  • Tamper evident strip
  • Approved PP for food products

Scoop specifications

  • Wide range of scoops, up to 18ml
  • Stackable design
  • Venting slits
  • Wide handle
  • Fits in standard Weener Plastics lid
  • Approved PP for food products

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