Optimal shaving with Dave!

  • Weener Plastics

A new standard shaving actuator is about to be introduced onto the market. Weener Plastics' sturdy Dave shaving actuator offers gentle and convenient dispensing.

Two versions of Dave have been developed - one for foam and one for gel. The masculine single-piece actuator has a diameter of 52mm and fits on standard aerosol cans.

Produced to deliver a sterling functional performance, Dave's ergonomically designed finger push area gives a direct and controlled actuation of the formulation.

Dave comes with a nicely designed and distinguishing squared over cap to give the product a sturdy look. This overcap can be delivered in matt or glossy, and in transparent or a solid colour. If requested, other standard overcap designs are available too. Both actuator and overcap can be customized to meet specific requests.

Weener Plastics will introduce Dave onto the market shortly.

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