Successful launch for premium cosmetics with CosmoTop tube closures

Visual quality, sustainability and convenient handling is why renowned brand owners have chosen Weener's new CosmoTop tube closures. The alluring dispensing closures combine weight reduction with proven consumer benefits whilst giving the package an attractive look. CosmoTop lines stand for upmarket tube closures and benefit from two lid design options.

Brand owners have been quick to recognise the unique design and multiple advantages of CosmoTop tube closures, developed and marketed by Weener Plastics. The lightweight closures are perfectly suitable for high-end personal care applications as well as OTC products in tubes. Several brands have shown serious interest and new market introductions will follow shortly.

Global brands can be supported from the different Weener facilities around the world.

The CosmoTop lines

Weener first launched the Next Generation line. A lower profile and a maximum weight reduction which distinguishes these closures from the market average. A further extension is the Screw-On line which has the same advantages, however, with a screw-on instead of snap-on application. Another new introduction is the Advanced Line, which can be fitted with Pure Dispense - an innovative membrane that offers the consumer a more controlled dispense without limiting product consumption.

All CosmoTop closure lines will be available in three standard diameters, 35mm, 40mm and 50mm, and will fit all industrial standards.

Two outer designs, one production platform

A sophisticated twin tooling concept provides high quality closure ranges with two built-in lid designs – more rounded called "Style" and more square called "Classy" – as well as two surface options, gloss and matt. The tool concept allows easy and affordable lid customization to enhance product appeal and brand image.

Smart features and benefits

Quiet opening, front closing and more consistent opening forces fulfill today's requirements for state-of-the-art tube closures. The weight reduction offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging solution, without compromising on product performance, while dedicated resin grades allow a high transparency and brilliance. Decoration techniques like hot-stamping and printing on demand give the closures a perfect finish.

With this original, one of a kind CosmoTop family, Weener Plastics introduces the first lightweight tube closure lines, with two design options, to the market.

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