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The inventive development team at Weener Plastics (WP) in Brazil developed the Eco Green Tube, an environmentally-friendly, mono-material squeeze tube for Personal Care solutions. Sustainability was the key challenge for the development of this standard 40 mm tube, being the first real “green tube” in the market. With a production base in Brazil, the Latin-American market is targeted.

For many years WP in Brazil is a renowned supplier of high-end plastic tubes for the Personal Care market. WP recognizes the importance of sustainability and it is incorporated in the strategy. Therefore the Brazilian team developed this innovative 3 layer Eco Green Tube. The inner and outer layer are made of biobased polyethylene whereas the middle layer is made of 100% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) polyethylene. The glossy screw closure is made of 100% PCR polypropylene.


The goal was to develop a green, sustainable squeeze tube without giving in on product quality and functionality. Cooperation with raw material suppliers and extensive testing have contributed to find qualified materials. The right PCR grades have been selected for the tube and the closure in order to keep the same performance requirements. The Eco Green Tube is compatible with all kinds of formulations, like virgin mono-layer tubes.

The first launch is a 40 mm tube but if requested, WP can develop other standard diameters to create a green tube range. Customers can choose different orifices, depending on the properties of the formulation. WP offers different decoration technologies like dry off-set, flexography, silk screen, hot stamping and labelling. There are no limitations for the color of the tube and also transparent tubes are feasible. Because of the PCR material, the color of the dispensing closure is however limited. Dark and grayish colors work best. The price level is similar in comparison with the current virgin products in the market.

Green target market

The Eco Green Tube has been developed especially for environmentally conscious customers that are driven by green thinking and that may have defined sustainability targets. The green tube can be interesting for local and regional brands, but also for private labels. Brazil is the initial target market for this tube, but it can be supplied to other Latin-American countries.

The Eco Green Tube is one of the examples of WP’s green initiatives that are part of the circular economy programs that WP has initiated. Earlier this year PCR dispensing closures and over caps have been marketed with great success. WP converts the sustainability challenges into new opportunities to stimulate the circular economy.

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