Functional, sustainable and cost-attractive: SealPack roll-on

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Choosing an easily customizable roll-on packaging has never been easier. SealPack, developed by Weener Plastics, has a smart, standardized, and affordable tool concept that offers great flexibility for bespoke designs. Excellent sealing properties, recycled material and a lightweight design make SealPack a future-proof choice.

The new proprietary SealPack product technology launched by Weener Plastics (WP), is smart in every way. The development team has designed an innovative one-piece deodorant bottle with no need for a separate ball fitment, featuring an effective, patented sealing feature that provides optimum ball tightness. The standard pack is fitted with a 1.4” deo ball and matching screw cap, however customized designs are also possible with 1”, 1.14”, 1.3” and 1.488” balls.

Underlining its outstanding functionality, SealPack has passed the ISTA 6 Amazon overboxing e-commerce test for Prep-Free Packaging (PFP).

Flexible design

The design of the ball area with sealing feature is fixed to maintain desirable ball tightness and rotation for convenient underarm deodorant application. However, the design of the bottle section is flexible. Customers can opt for an individual, appealing design thanks to a flexible, exchangeable tool part. From a straight, smooth, male look to a more feminine design, anything is possible with limited investment costs.

Enhanced sustainability

The complete packaging is lightweight, partly thanks to the elimination of the fitment —a fourth part often used in conventional roll-on packaging— and this saves approximately 25% of the total pack weight. The SealPack bottle is also offered manufactured with recycled polyethylene (rPE) content, making the roll-on even more sustainable.

Product development, tooling and manufacturing are all taken care of by WP. The first customers —both local and global players— have already embraced this innovative standard solution and launched it successfully in the market, customizing the SealPack bottle to match the required brand identity.

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