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Weener Plastics launched its 100% recyclable valve at the end of 2020 and since then, interest in this new product has not waned. What is making this product so popular?

Until the release of this groundbreaking valve, there had not been a 100% recyclable option available on the market which still maintained the full functionality that matched that of a traditional silicone valve. Weener Plastics' Innovation & Development team changed this.

With the introduction of sustainability directives around the globe, packaging manufacturers have been working to develop new technologies and refine their products to meet these requirements and match consumers' expectations for 'green' packaging. WP has been no exception, and with sustainability as an integral part of the company's strategy, smart product design is a key integer for measuring development.

Guaranteeing WP's claim that the new valve is 100% recyclable, a renowned independent research institute has tested and verified that the valve is fully recyclable.

WP's valve is manufactured in a specially developed material that enables full recycling with polyolefin waste streams. In addition, it is compatible with a range of applications including food, home care and personal care.

Alongside its excellent sustainability credentials, the 100% recyclable valve performs at an outstanding level across its useful lifetime in a range of scenarios for controlled dispensing of concentrated formulations. When used to dispense oily or fatty formulations, this recyclable valve has been shown to perform better than any other solution.

As an additional benefit, WP's recyclable valve fits all of the company's existing MaxiDose valve closures as well as being suited to custom designs so that it can be seamlessly integrated into dispensing solutions.

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