Minimized environmental footprint with WP's at-home refill pack

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Weener Plastics (WP) is taking its Reduce, Reuse, Recycle principles to a higher level by combining them to facilitate new product developments, and completely rethinking packaging concepts. In response to the latest market trends, WP has developed a small, handy refill pack for concentrated formulas. This can be used at home as the contents are simply diluted with water in a reusable bottle.

Easy and time-saving

Concentrated formulas offer an effective way of reducing environmental impact. In addition, the use of refillable bottles and containers also reduces packaging material and transportation. To make the most of this, WP has developed a handy refill pack for liquid concentrates. This can be conveniently screwed onto standard bottles. After a click, the concentrate is released from the upside-down refill without mess and subsequently diluted in the water. Ready to use! The valuable bottle and trigger or pump can be reused for the next job.

The refill pack, made of polypropylene, consists of three pieces: an injection-molded bottle and  2-piece child-resistant closure for enhanced safety. The standard pack is offered with a volume of 70 ml, however, a different bottle design or volume can easily be developed with limited investment costs.

This innovation is sustainable in several ways. First of all, it provides considerable material savings as using a concentrated refill can reduce material usage by up to 75%. Secondly, it enhances recyclability as the refill pack itself is a 100% recyclable mono-material solution. As a further benefit, this will also be offered in recycled material. What’s more, the lower volume and weight mean significant additional savings for storage and during transportation.

Several brands and private labels have already shown interest in using this refill pack solution for their personal care or home care applications. An additional advantage is that it is a mail-friendly pack, fully suitable for e-commerce applications. The refill pack is another excellent example of WP’s innovative dispensing and dosing solutions that meet today’s challenges and demands.

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